Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 15:1-16:23 (additional reading: Psalm 110:1-7 and Proverbs 15:8-10)

We hear a lot these days about options. An option is “the act of choosing; choice; the freedom to choose” Life is full of choices. We make an innumerable amount of decisions every day. Not all of them are necessarily life-changing, but each decision mounts up. There are also many things in life that should not be considered optional. For instance, I can choose not to eat any food for the next three months; but if I want to remain alive, not eating over an extended period of time is not really an option.

Our obedience to God should not be one of those choices. Oh, certainly we can choose not to obey God; but that is only an option if one doesn’t place much importance on the will of God, His blessings, and closeness with Him.

We have seen this point by reading about Saul’s disobedience, and it held disastrous results. Saul assumed that God wouldn’t mind if he spared Agag, the king, as a trophy of his great victory. He assumed wrong. God had said to “utterly destroy” everything.

How we admire the obedience a dog shows to its master! Archibald Rutledge wrote that one day he met a man whose dog had just been killed in a forest fire. Heartbroken, the man explained to Rutledge how it happened. Because he worked out-of-doors, he often took his dog with him. That morning, he left the animal in a clearing and gave him a command to stay and watch his lunch bucket while he went into the forest. His faithful friend understood for that’s exactly what he did. Then a fire started in the woods, and soon the blaze spread to the spot where the dog had been left. But he didn’t move. He stayed right where he was, in perfect obedience to his master’s word. With tearful eyes, the dog’s owner said, “I always had to be careful what I told him to do because I knew he would do it.” – Our Daily Bread.

Could God say the same about us? Could He say that every time He asks you to do something He knows that you would do it? That is the kind of obedience He is looking for.


Is obedience to God a priority in your life?
When points do you consider while making a decision?


Father, Thank You for being so faithful to us. Help us to be obedient in our walk with You. Help us to read your Word and to live by it that we may honour You with our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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