I’m now back in Wales after having a truly amazing time in Madrid. It was such a blessing to be there, spend time with Brazilian friends, meet know spanish friends, but what was most amazing was the time we spent in the presence of God.

God showed up in the meetings so powerfully, changing so many lives. During the first night we had a very special time, where God delivered so many people. The second day, was a real outpouring of the Holy Spirit, people where just broken for God. The presence of the Holy Spirit was just so strong. The service didn’t finish much before 1am, but it felt like just 30min. The final day was a day of salvation. In the morning we were at ‘new life’ church in Madrid, where there was a baptismal service for a lot of people. I lost count after 34. In the evening, back at MIC, many people came forward to accept Jesus for the first time, then many others came forward to recommit their lives to Him.

The whole time in Madrid was a amazing, very humbling experience. It just showed me once more the importance of anointing. Hard work is good, order is good, professionalism is good, but it’s the anointing that makes all the difference. We spend a lot of energy sometime put on good events, but I am sure if we spent as much energy seeking God it would make a much bigger impact.

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