I have just returned from the last M18 mission which this year was focused in Croatia. As always it was a blessing to be there and part of what God is doing. After a very long trip from Brighton (where I left at 4:30am) I finally arrived in Kutina at 12:30am.

Once I managed to get a few hours sleep (literary) I felt much more refreshed and ready for the days ahead. The team started the M18 mission as always with training but then a tour around Croaita visiting some of the seaside resorts.

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M18 Kutina is slightly different to the other M18 tours and place because the project in Kutina will take place over the next few months with a show scheduled for the end of October this year, to get local people involved. Due the the project being a much longer project than the usual presentation and move on, the emphases was spent on building relationships with local people, which involves just chatting with people, community action and street performances. Unfortunately the one street performance in Kutina got canceled because of a storm, but the next day we had a good number turn out.

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The highlight of the week for me was on Sunday, when I had the chance to preach at a church in Slavonski Brod, on the border of Bosnia and I must say it was a huge privilege. Normally the preaching only lasts for 10min max, and I spoke for over 30min, but everyone was totally listening and engaged, a I could see God moving in peoples lives before my eyes. I have also heard so much good feedback from people about how God spoke to them through the message, encouraged them, refreshed them. The pastor was so grateful too. It was just really great. I preached on ‘To Obey is better then Sacrifice’. I will upload the message note into the studies section on my website.

Sunday evening was our final show in Croatia and for me the best. There was such a good crowd there and relationships from the church in the morning. Even the TV cameras turned out to see what was happening.

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The whole time in Croatia was a blessing and I am really grateful to everyone there who made the trip ‘extra special’. Thanks for your faithfulness and hard work. Also thank you to all those I know was praying for the mission while I was away.

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