Our working in Croatia is going really well. Since we have arrived here our work has not stopped. During the last week we have had opportunities to speak at classes in a local school about Brazil, the activities which we will be doing here in Croatia and our personal testimonies. Following from our time at the school around 60 people added us on Facebook (online networking site) and through this contact we have been able to meet with different groups and spend time with them almost everyday. It is really great to see how much interest they are showing to meet with us.

We have a lot of challenges here in Croatia. One of our biggest challenges is the problem people have when it comes to God and the church. The tradition in the church and culture are so strong it leaves very little space to new things.

To share one story with you, last week 5 teenagers offered to take us on a tour of the city. They took us to visit the main Catholic Church in Kutina and said “this is the only church in this city.” We asked them about the protestant church (the church who we are partnering with) and they said “we don’t consider it a church, actually we don’t know what we call it.”

Another example is evening within the church, a few weeks ago a pastor came to the church and preached about the Holy Mary. After the service a friend spoke to him about the Bible and how thanks to the Holy Spirit everyone can read and understand scripture. This is a concept which is really difficult to understand for even those inside the church.

A women from the church even said to us “we don’t need to read the Bible, because we have pastors and priest who are qualified to read it and teach us.” This is really difficult because many pastors are even teaching that the Bible is full of contradictions.

Last Saturday in Kutina was the ‘refuge day’ and a big celebration was held in the city with some politicians and other important people from Croatia and European countries.  The only refugee centre in Croatia is here in Kutina, there are about 70 refugees there, most of whom come from Muslim countries.. We were invited to join this celebration and as a result were able to make contact with some important people and talk about the possibility of starting some programs here.

It is an amazing privilege however to show how God has been working, even in the short time that we are here. We are seeing a lot of doors being opened, especially in regards to building relationships with the people of the city.

We thank you for your interest in our ministry and for your prayers. Below we have included some prayer request to help you while praying for us.

  • For more workers to help us in our ministry here in Croatia
  • For the people who we are building relationships with
  • The opportunity to work with refugees
  • Our M18 summer mission in Croatia (10th July – 02nd August)
  • Wisdom to deal with the people of the church and city, as we aim to teach them in truth.
  • For the finances of the project and the workers.

Thank you and God Bless,


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