Today’s Reading: Mark 12:18-37

In Mark 12:28-34, Jesus had just gotten done answering a bunch of his critics, one after another. They had been trying to get him to say something that would cause Him to trap himself. It hadn’t worked before that, and it doesn’t work this time. One of these listeners had been watching and listening to the exchange, and finally comes to Jesus with his own question, a question that goes to the very heart of what the Bible teaches about God and how we’re to relate to Him.

I think at the top of the list for everyone who call themselves Christians should be to take practical steps know God better and love Him more. Now I don’t mean some sappy, romance novel or romantic comedy movie kinda passion. We’re to love Him so much that He is how we define our lives. We live according to what we know will honour Him and pleases Him. It means living by God’s agenda instead of our own. We do our jobs and raise our families in ways that reflect Biblical principles and priorities rather than the principles and priorities of society. We’re saying to God, “You’ve got me, Lord. Heart and soul. Everything I am, everything I’ve got. I’m loving you all the way.” That’s what Jesus is saying about how to love God.

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