Today’s Reading: 2 Kings 6:1-7:20 

Have you ever lost your cutting edge in serving the Lord, Have you ever lost your effectiveness in doing His work. Were you at one time swinging with great vigour your axe of service for God. Chopping away with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. Knocking down tree, after tree, after tree — building up, the Kingdom of God. But somehow, somewhere along the way — you lost your cutting edge, you lost your effectiveness in serving the Lord.

There are 3 principles that will can learn from this young prophet in today’s text help us get back our cutting edge.

WE LIKE THE YOUNG PROPHET, MUST ADMIT THAT WE HAVE LOST OUR CUTTING EDGE. That was the first step the prophet had to take — admit that he no longer had his cutting edge…. Admit that he had lost his effectiveness. You know, our talents and our abilities are not ours either.. they too are borrowed, they are on loan to us from God. AND JUST LIKE the young man in our text we have an obligation, we are responsible to the real owner of the talents… GOD!

REALIZE WE ARE RESPONSIBLE TO DO OUR SHARE OF KINGDOM WORK, WHETHER THAT MEANS CUTTING 1, 2 OR 5 TREES. Each of us has been given a job to do by God.We can’t just sit here and say ‘oh, well.. nothing I can do now’. We have a job to do!!

WE LIKE THE YOUNG PROPHET, MUST ACT OUT OUR PART IN RECOVERING OUR CUTTING EDGE. The young prophet didn’t just sit there and wait for Elisha to fix his problem, but he acted on the instruction which he was given. There is something special, there is something great about the power of God and the effort of man working together.

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