We are continue to look at how scripture was an integral part of Jesus’ life on Earth. We seen some days ago just how often he quotes Scripture in his teaching and how he clearly believed it to be true. Over the past few days we have been considering together the ‘lost art’ of biblical mediation, today we will move onto our next point when it comes to Scripture, Bible study.

Foster write ‘Study is a specific kind of experience in which through careful attention to reality the mind is enabled to move in a certain direction. It is where the mind starts conforming to the order which upon it concentrates.’

Over the next few days we will consider together some different kind Bible study methods which we can use. Much of the outline will be based upon Rick Warren’s Bible study methods, which is a great book you can use to help your personal bible studies and includes many sample studies to help you alone your way.

Warren writes in the introduction of his book: ‘For many years every time I heard a good sermon or some in-depth Bible teaching, I would leave the meeting frustrated, wondering to myself, How did he find all of that in his text? I wanted to be able to discover those truths on my own. In addition I often felt guilty because people were always telling me I ought to study the Bible, but when I tried to study it, I didn’t know what to do. So I would get discouraged and give up.’

If you can relate to the way Warren felt, I hope that over these next few days these devotionals will help a little. I will assume after the last few days that you already know the importance of personal Bible study, that you may have been exhorted many times to the Christian duty, and that you have been waiting for someone to show you how to do it. This is the purpose of the next few days, so we can better study Scripture in way which is best for us.

When you know the Word of God, you are going to know the will of God in your life. When you know the will of God, you will be able to pray the will of God and get specific answers.

On a typical evening research shows that the average Christian may sit and watch TV for three hours but only read his Bible for three – five minutes each day. It’s a scary thought when we have non-believers who will not leave their homes each day without reading their horoscopes, yet we have born again believers who go Sunday till Sunday without readying God’s Word.

So my plea to you is that over these next days as we look at different Bible study methods together is that you set a time aside, not just to read about them but to practise them all. Applying the Bible to our lives each day will dramatically change the way we live.

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