“Give yourself wholly to the text, and apply all you learn to yourself.”  J.A. Bengel

Scripture was very important to Jesus and that he used it as part of his everyday life. In our goal to become like Jesus we must both meditate on the Word and also study it. I hope that the methods explain over the last few days have proved useful to you. It would be a privilege to hear any feedback on them.

Apart from the Bible study methods mentioned, there are many others which you can try. The goal is to find the method which works best for you. There are many great books which help with studying the Bible and also many study guides written which can take you through books or topics. Just try them, speak to other Christian or your local Christian bookshop to see what they recommend. Most importantly, don’t give up. Jerry Bridges wrote: ‘Discipline toward holiness begins then with the Scriptures – with a disciplined plan for regular intake of the Scriptures and a disciplined plan for applying them to our daily lives.’

As mentioned before a book which I highly recommend is Rick Warren’s ‘Bible study Methods’, in his book he includes 12 different Bible study methods, with clear instruction, sample studies and blank forms which walk you through each method step by step. (If you know of any good books when it comes to Bible Study, please feel free to let others know by commenting below).

The ultimate goal of Bible study is to embrace the heart as well as the head. The Scriptures aim to affect our hearts and change the way we feel about God and his will. It is one of the key ways which we become more like Jesus and start living like Jesus.

We are going to up the pace now a little as we finish off looking at ‘Living like Jesus privately’ and start studying ‘Living like Jesus publically’ towards the end of this week. As we move on however, don’t leave what we have learned behind, but keep applying them to your lives. Keep Quiet time a priority. Focus on a life of Prayer and Fasting. Meditate and study Scripture applying it daily to your life.

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