The Character Quality Method involves finding out what the Bible says about a particular characteristic, with a heavy emphasis on personal application. Our current series is called ‘Living like Jesus’, this is a major goal of Christian living. Daily we want to become more and more like Jesus by replacing our bad character qualities with good ones. But before we can work on a Christlike quality in our lives, we must be able to recognize it.  For example if we want to become meek, it would really help us to understand what the Bible says about meekness.

Here are some steps for the Character Quality Method.

  • Chose a Quality – Start by selection a quality you want to study, faithfulness for example. Look the characteristic up in a dictionary and write out the definition and any related words.
  • Opposite Quality – Write down the antonym (opposite) of the characteristic you’re studying. Again a dictionary of antonyms or thesauruses can help you here. For example faithfulness would be unfaithfulness, but for faith could be doubt, apathy and fear.
  • Simple word study – How was this word used in biblical times? A bible dictionary is the tool for this. For example ‘meek’ in the original Greek meant ‘breaking something and bringing it under submission.’ A word which would describe breaking in a valuable horse, the horse would still have all its power and strength, but now under the masters control. Meekness then is not weakness, but meekness id strength that is in submission to Jesus.
  • Cross-Reference – Look up passage of scripture which talk about this characteristic. What do you learn about it? What examples can you find?
  • Bible Character – As your looking up the cross-references try and find at least one person (more if possible) who demonstrated this characteristic in their lives. How was this seen? How did it affect their life? What were the results?
  • Memory verse – write down one verse that you have found while cross-referencing that really speaks to you and intend to memorize it during the following days.
  • Application – Think of an area in your life in which God wants you to work on this characteristic. This might be a situation or an interpersonal relationship.
  • Plan – Think of a project were you can practically build a positive characteristic in your life. For example, if your working on the trait of gratefulness, it could be writing x number of thank you letters to people who have blessed you. Don’t forget to plan in a way which is provable (see devotional from two days ago for example).

It is important to note, that in the final analysis, it is God’s power in you that reproduces the fruit of the Spirit in your life. It is God alone who can change your character. ;For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose’ (Phil 2:13). Allow God to work on these characteristics, trusting the Holy Spirit to work in your life.

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