Firstly I would like to thank you all for your patience and prayers while I was away in Croatia last week on missions. We had a really great time there and I shall upload information to my blog later. I hope you had a good time trying out some of the Bible study methods last week also.

Before I went away last week, we were looking at ‘Living like Jesus’, with the idea that Living like Jesus publicly begins with living like Jesus privately. Starting today we are going to be moving on to this next step. Living like Jesus publically. How did Jesus live his public life? How did he interact with the people around him, his friend, family and even his enemies?

It is very easy for us to speak about Jesus Christ as our example. But do we really realize what it means? If we did, it would revolutionize our life. Just think about what we have learned so far. Do we begin to know our Bible as He did? Do we begin to pray as He did? Now, how thoughtful He was for others, how patient toward dullness, how quiet under insult! Think of what it meant for Him to take a basin and towel like a slave and wash the disciples’ feet! Do we stoop to serve? Can anyone say of us, as was said of Him, that we go about “doing good?” As Christ followers, do we really look anything like him.

Jonathan Edwards wrote:All the virtues which appeared in Christ shone brightest in the close of His life, under the trials He then met. Eminent virtue always shows brightest in the fire. Pure gold shows its purity chiefly in the furnace. It was chiefly under those trials which Christ endured in the close of His life that His love to God, His honor of God’s majesty, His regard to the honor of His law, His spirit of obedience, His humility, contempt of the world, His patience, meekness, and spirit of forgiveness towards men, appeared. Indeed, everything that Christ did to work out redemption for us appears mainly in the close of His life. Here mainly is His satisfaction for sin, and here chiefly is His merit of eternal life for sinners, and here chiefly appears the brightness of His example which He has set us for imitation.’

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