Today I believe will be our final day on prayer and we will continue from  where we left off yesterday. Yesterday we looked at praying the Word and today we will consider how we do this.

Read the Word: The easiest way to pray the Word of God, is to simply read it out loud (proclaiming, confessing, declaring the Word), beginning at Genesis and ending at Revelation.

Psalms: The early Church placed a huge emphasis on praying the Psalms. The Psalms contain all the different types of prayer, such as adoration, worship, praise, humbling before God, supplication, intercession, spiritual warfare and prophecy. It is through the praying of the Psalms (they prayed it out loud and on their knees) that the early Churchgained faith to reach out to the pagan societies with the gospel of redemption.

God’s promises: The Word of God contains numerous promises about many situations, circumstances and issues. The reading, meditating and proclaiming of these Scriptures increases faith, and help us to understand how God wants us to act in diverse circumstances. It helps us to pray and intercede with wisdom and knowledge rather than from a perspective of fear and anxiety.

God’s will and commands: By reading the Word, we discover God’s will, commands and mandates for His church in the World. Build your prayers around these commands and mandates from Scripture.

Prophecies: The Word of God is full of prophecies that still need to be fulfilled;  prophecies concerning ourselves, our families, our nations and the purposes of God in the end-times. We need to pray these prophesies for their fulfilment.

Verse by verse: When reading the Word, turn every verse that enters your heart, into a personal prayer for spiritual growth, physical or emotional healing and allow your thoughts to think about these life-giving words, rather than dwelling on problems or worldly issues. Rephrase the Word of God into prayers and pray His Word back to Him.

Contemplation: Read the Word silently or out loud with the aim of encountering God. The moment when, by faith, your spirit senses His presence, allow the Holy Spirit to take you into a deeper reflection or contemplation on the Person of God. Just linger there in His presence. Sometimes this prayer without words can have a more profound effect on us and our world than many prayers we pray from our minds.

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