Today’s devotional is a collection of advice on ‘quiet time’ from other readers. I would like to thank you all for your tips and advices which I am sure are going to bless others greatly!

Filoiann – A suggestion would be to plan ahead of time what you will need for your quiet time. To get either a basket or box that will fit your bible, pen or pencil, note pad or journal, daily devotional, bible dictionary, Webster’s dictionary or bible commentary. These are all suggestions but bible pen and paper are a definite must.

Anonymous – Start with 10 minutes, then you feel like you’ve accomplished something, then if you want to make it longer you can, and you won’t be weighed down by the guilt of constantly thinking you should have done more.

Louise – My most focused prayer time occurs when I journal. I seem to be less distracted than if I just try to pray. I always start by reading a devotional, then either just read more scripture around what the devotional covered or ask God what He would like me to read, or read further in another book I am reading and cover those scriptures. Then I prayer journal. However, the hardest part is always just sitting down and doing it before I get caught up in my day’s activities!

Kelley – This is probably my favourite subject. I am passionate about it. There are no end of ways to do it, it is something that changes and grows like tides. Each person sort of has to enter the water from where they are on the beach. Some only have time for splashing around in the tide pools and others want to head for deep water. Sometimes it is the constraints of life that make the difference. Such as seasons of life with small children at home, make heading for deep water a far fetched horizon. But it is only a season.

My favorite thing right now is that I put on an IHOP “Worship with the Word” segment, I print out the days Bible reading and start copying it by hand. Something is happening between the prayer going on in the music, and the copying scripture, and my heart that creates a space for me with God’s heart. It takes sooo much time, I won’t kid you about that, but even if you did parts of it it is powerful. I do not rush in the copying. I taste the words and pray them over with the music.

I fear this will sound complex and intimidating. I know that if I only did this for half an hour I am so totally refreshed. It is easy to fade away for hours, literally. But you don’t have to.

For those who do not have a daily devotional time, you really have no idea what you are missing, and if you wonder why people talk about loving the Lord and you don’t feel like you do…. that is probably why! you are sooooo missing out! lol! He is very good company!

Joyce – A tip that would be easy for most people to integrate into a busy life where longer devotional times are simply not possible, is listen to the Bible and be alert for a verse or phrase that seems to step into the light for you. I think we all have them if we are actively listening. Something is said that just seems to “pop”. Copy down what that word is on an index card or post-it-note. Every time you get a chance through the day get the card back out, think about each individual word, pray about what it is saying, ask God how it applies to your life. Talk to him about it as you go through your day. Let yourself have many “mini” devotional times instead of one long one. Take it deep through repetition. By the end of the day you will likely have it memorized. Taste it. Journal about it at the end of the day if you can, if not, just ponder it one last time before you go to bed. There are so many ways to incorporate devotions into life, just experiment until you find something that seems to click with you. It’s all good.

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