Bill Thrasher: The discipline of time alone with God should not be looked at as another thing to put on your “to do” list. This attitude will only lead to resentment from the added pressure that it produces. It should be viewed as a gift from a gracious and kind God. He cares so much for you and me that He is not just interested in our accomplishments but also in shepherding our hearts.


As we seen yesterday, spending quiet time will take some preparation on your part. You will need to answer some important questions; What time is best for you to have your quiet time? Structure everything else in your life around it, not the other way around, your quiet time will be the most important part of your day. If you find it hard to wake up early, try and get to bed earlier the night before.


Where is the best place for you to read and pray that is private? It really helps us to form a pattern if we choose the same location every day. Pick somewhere that is quiet, where you can relax and are unlikely to be interrupted.  This could be in your office, at your kitchen table, in your garden or on a bench in your favourite park. You can also do as Jesus often did and climb a mountain for your quiet time.

Make a prayer list

Making a prayer list will really help your prayer time, this requires effort, but it’s worth it, because it means it’s easier to keep your mind on what you’re praying for, and also to persevere in your prayers. Prayer lists are also a great way of seeing answers to prayer and praising God for them.

Hugh McCullough :The time factor in prayer is very important. In the exercise of prayer God is not tied to our clocks. Neither is He at the other end of the phone to receive and answer our two-minute calls. It takes time to know the mind of God, to shut out the material things of earth and to be wholly abandoned.

D. A. Carson rightly observes, “The person who prays more in public than in private reveals that he is less interested in God’s approval than in human praise.  Not piety but a reputation for piety is his concern.”

Have a systematic way of reading the Bible

If you’re stuck on what to read in the Bible, there are many reading plans available online, The Daily Audio Bible even have a daily podcast where you can listen to the whole Bible in 1 year. There is also a great number of study guides which you could use, just search for some online or visit a Christian bookstore. You could pick a book or a topic and study it. We will look at ways to study the Bible again soon.

Jonathan Edwards wrote: Resolved, to study the Scriptures so steadily, constantly and frequently, as that I may find, and plainly perceive myself to grow in the knowledge of the same.

Tomorrow we shall finish off considering ‘quiet time’ by read some advice from other readers of this daily devotional. If you would like to share some advice with everyone else, it’s still not too late. Just send me a message or add a comment below.

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