Today’s Reading: Romans 1:18-32 

Romans 1:18-32 addresses the havoc that occurs in human relationships and in society because of mankind’s suppressing of the knowledge of God (1:18). As people crave their sin so strongly God gives people over to their desire for sin. He allows them to experience the degrading consequences of their sin so that, like the prodigal son, they might repent and turn to God. This repentance due to the penalty of their sin is what God desires, but it is not what people desire.

Naturally when people are abandoned by God they become worse, but they enjoy their depravity instead of abhorring it. When people reject God’s ways or God’s truth, the only way remaining is the way of sin and selfishness. A mind that will not be corrected by God will become depraved in its thinking as verse 28 states. “And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper,”

Human rebellion also includes putting God out of their thoughts. Men forced God from their mind. The rejecting mind then becomes the rejected mind. They did not believe it worthy to think about God so God abandons them to worthless thinking. They rejected God and God gave them over to godless thinking. When the mind rejects proper thinking about God, how can the mind still think properly? [Depraved is adokimos and is used of metals that were rejected because of impurities.] Since “they did not see fit” to retain the acknowledgement of God in their minds, “God gives them over to” an unfit mind.

A “depraved” or disapproved mind is explained in terms of what it approves or plans. It expresses itself in attitudes and actions that ought not be done or the doing of improper things. These are things that any un-depraved mind would regard as wrong. Notice that wrong belief leads to wrong thinking which leads to wrong actions.

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