Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 22:1-53 

Do you really want to know God’s will? A lot of people don’t. Why? Becsause it might not be your will and then that becomes a problem. We have to choose between: Doing what we know is the will of God but not what we want or do what we want and deliberately going against what we KNOW is God’s will.

The result is we tend to not seek God’s will as much as we should. We think that ignorance is bliss. We think that it’s better to just live our life the best we can, and not get God too involved in our life. We won’t have to put ourselves in the dilemma of deliberately disobeying what we know is the will of God. In our story today, we see such a case between the central characters: Ahab, the King of Israel, Jehoshaphat, the King of Judah and Micaiah, the Prophet of God

But have you ever made some plans that maybe God had to step in and ruin? We try to blame all on devil but here God brought destruction. Half of this year has already gone by, but you still don’t feel you achieving anything. What are your going to do with another year? Do you have any idea what God wants to do with your life this year? See Jer. 29:11. Do you realize if you are God’s child and are trying to do something that is against His plans for you that it will either fail or make you miserable?

How then can we know what God’s plans are for us? God places desires, dreams in your heart all the time, but often we are to distracted with other things. I recommend you sit down with God and write out goals/dreams for various areas of your life. Spiritual, physical, family, financial, education, career, etc. Then check if these are God’s goals for you? 1. Is it biblically correct to want or seek this goal? 2. Is it morally right…? 3. Can my conscience be clear as I pursue this goal? 4. Am I ready to start towards this goal today?

Much of God’s work seems to develop without a plan and without a purpose.We move in unforeseen and unplanned circumstances and every now and then we catch a fish. The work of the Lord must be more than chance. We must grow intention and a spirit of necessity. Carelessness and ignorance could allow many of our friends and family to go to hell and a leaves a trail of many tears. Progress must be more than an accident, it must be a necessity to the church.

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