“Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the LORD and turn away from evil” – Proverbs 3:7

David stepped onto the battlefield. David picked the stone. David swung the sling. David aimed the sling. David slung the stone. David wielded the sword. But who killed Goliath? According to David, God did ( 1 Samuel 17:46-47 ).

What a great model we gain from this? King Saul wanted David to rely on his armour. That is; he wanted David to count on the strength of a man. But Saul, though he was head and shoulders, above all, the Jews, must have known how useless that was. After all, he hadn’t stepped out to face Goliath. David refused to rely on his own strength or his own armour. Instead, he relied on God’s strength.

We must learn to rely on God’s strength. But what does that look like? Notice that for David, relying on God’s strength didn’t look like sitting at the edge of the battlefield with legs folded in on themselves, eyes closed  just waiting on God to send fire from heaven. It meant that David chose a stone, slung a stone, and chopped off a head. To the casual observer it may not have looked like God doing anything. But David did all these things because he was relying on God’s strength.

With this in mind today, how can we rely more on God’s strength and empowering.

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