Today’s ReadingMatthew 20:29-21:22 

Jesus walked the earth for 33 years and for the last three years of His life his ministry was at full flow. Everybody  who lived within the travelling distance of Galilee or Jerusalem had the opportunity to walk with God in the flesh. They had the opportunity to physically encounter and be touched by God. What a great honour it would have been to live in these times.

One of the great mysteries of the new testament gospels is not how many people were miraculously touched by the hand of God at this time. Instead, it is how many people missed out. God the Son was walking on the Earth, waiting and willing to touch the lives of people and yet so many missed out on what God had got for them.

In today’s chapter, we see two men with needs and whose needs were obvious. They would have heard that Jesus was coming. They would have heard the disturbance of the large crowd and so cried out, ’Lord Son of David, have mercy on us.’ The crowd rebuked them. The people in the crowd were probably thinking, ’stop being so irreverent’, ’that’s no way to act’, or ’be quiet you’re embarrassing’.

The men simply start to shout even louder. They cry out with more determination and desperation. They weren’t going to let Jesus pass them by. No amount of discouragement from a crowd was going to stop them. They cried out again, ’Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us.’

We also need to be willing to break out from our apathy, realise our desperate state. When is the last time that you prayed with passion? When is the last time you prayed with tears over the needs of your town, crying out to God? When is the last time that you really sort after God during the worship? God is only a cry away and willing to touch your life.


How do you need to call out to God?


Father, Thank You that when we cry out to You, You hear us. Thank You that You are full of compassion. Help us to seek You will all of our hearts. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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