Today’s Reading: Luke 18:18-43

Key Verse: “And Jesus stopped and commanded him to be brought to him. And when he came near, he asked him,” Luke 18:40

Bart was not only blind, he was a beggar. Most blind people today lead productive lives, but in Jesus’ time, blind people couldn’t work. There was no Disabilities Act, so blindness was a terrible handicap.  In Jesus time, beggars were at the bottom of the social ladder, only slightly more important than dogs. Blind Bart couldn’t see, but as with many blind people, he probably had a keen sense of hearing. On the day described in our text, he could tell from the sounds of the crowd something unusual was happening. He turned and asked someone, “What’s going on?” Over the mumble of the mob, he heard, “Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.”

Verse 40 says Jesus stood still and instructed the people to bring Bart to Him. (By the way, He has instructed us to bring people to Him as well.) At this point, Jesus was headed for Jerusalem to die for the sins of the world. Within the next few days, He would face betrayal, arrest, torture and crucifixion. He was a man on a Mission, yet He paused to answer the cry of one blind beggar.

Surely there were hundreds of voices in the crowd that day calling out to Jesus, but He was able to distinguish Bart’s cry for mercy from the roar of the crowd. Jesus is still listening to the one voice among the mass of the crowd. When you call out for Him, He will stop and respond to you.

You may think that in the larger scheme of the entire universe you aren’t very important. In comparison to the enormous universe, our planet is just a small rock circling a minor star. And you are just one of 6 billion human beings sharing this rock. In spite of this, you are of such importance to God, that when you call out to Him, He pauses to help you!

The sun burning 93 million miles away provides the gravitational pull that keeps all the planets in orbit, but that same sun will warm your face on a cold day. The awesome God who sustains the entire universe running will stop and answer your cry for help. God isn’t distracted by the millions of other voices. He always has time for you. On the way to the Cross, Jesus paused and helped a blind beggar. Whatever else He is doing He has time for you.


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