Today’s Reading: John 3:22-4:3 

One thing we notice is that Jesus got thirsty just like we all get thirsty. It was around the middle of the day and after a long day’s journey Jesus intentionally goes to a well for some water. There was a Samaritan woman at the well drawing water in the middle of the day. This is significant because it was the custom of women to draw water in the evening or very early in the morning. Therefore, this woman was all alone drawing water in the middle of the day.

Why was she alone? Look at verse 16-18…This woman was an outcast. She was probably shunned by other women and the people of her community. She was alone in the middle of the day to hide from the embarrassment of her sin and the resentment it caused in others.

Please understand this woman was of absolutely no standing. In Jesus’ day of the 1st-century, women could not divorce a man. Only men had that right. Therefore, when Jesus says she has had 5 husbands and was not living with a man, the implication is that she had been personally rejected by 5 husbands. Can you imagine what this must have done for this woman’s self-esteem and confidence?

She felt rejected, alone, shameful, and was going from man to man trying to find just someone who would love her and care for her!

Like this Samaritan woman maybe you are wondering if anyone really cares for you and loves you? Some of you probably feel rejected by someone. Some have experienced this feeling of rejected through a relationship, others have lost a job, while others may have lost someone through death. Some feel all alone and somewhat isolated. Still others of you know you are in sin, you have some addiction or some habit that you are trying to hide and cover up and deep in your soul you feel guilty and shameful.

In these few verses, the personality of Jesus is revealed. Jesus did not care who this lady was…what she had done in her past or what sins she had in her life. Jesus just simply cared about her.

Do you know that you are a priority to Jesus?

Jesus is not the least bit concerned about your poor reputation or even your proud reputation. He does not care what others think about you. Others may say you are a hopeless case and will never change, but Jesus looks at you for what you can become and not for what you have been or what you are today! Jesus sees in your potential, if only you will allow Him to work in your life.

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