Today’s Reading: John 6:22-42 

Have you ever asked a question and not gotten the answer you were looking for? I think we all have. Many times we will even ask a question with an answer already in our heads that we are looking for. Sometimes, we will even frame the question in such a way that even the way we ask it is designed to get the answer we want. The fact is, that just because a person is asking a question, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re looking for an answer. Especially if the answer goes against what they were looking for. That’s what happened in the passage we’re looking at this morning. A group of people asked Jesus a series of questions. But they didn’t ask them because they were honestly seeking answers. They were looking for the answers they already had in their heads.

Jesus had just finished feeding the multitude with five loaves and two fish. They were stuffed and happy to have been fed for free. And because of that, they saw Jesus as their meal ticket. They wanted Him to feed them forever for free. They could have all of their needs provided for and never have to work another day in their lives.

They weren’t seeking Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life. They weren’t seeking Jesus as their Lord and Master and Saviour. No, they were seeking Jesus only for the things He could do for them. And throughout the rest of this passage, we see how Jesus responded to them. Throughout history, this passage has come to be known as the Bread of Life Discourse.

Instead, this time, Jesus turned the discussion away from physical bread to spiritual bread. The people wanted to talk about food and even went so far as to bring up the manna in the wilderness. But Jesus kept turning them back to Himself. That’s the theme of the passage.

The people already had the answer that they wanted in their mind. And Jesus didn’t give them the answers that they were looking for. And with each answer that Jesus gave, the people became more and more irritated. Instead of bending their wills toward Jesus, they stiffened their resistance toward Him. Sadly, that’s the same thing that happens today. Many times, people are looking for a Jesus who will do things for them. But then as they seek Him for those things, He shows Himself for who He is. And as Jesus shows Himself for who He is, many times people don’t like it and resist Him. To this day, people come to Jesus looking for the food that perishes. But what Jesus gives is the food that endures.

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