Today’s reading: 1 Samuel 18

Key Verse: So from that time on Saul kept a jealous eye on David – 1 Samuel 18:9

In today’s text, we see how jealousy can destroy us. Jealousy is a dangerous and deceptive attitude that destroy our desire to love and encourage others.

As David returned from a victorious mission for King Saul, the crowds started to call his name and sing his praises. David had not done any wrong to Saul, and the crowd’s song was not disrespectful. Nonetheless, Saul saw this act as the crowd exalting David over him, and their singing made him bitter and paranoid. Saul motivation to destroy David began to destroy Saul himself.

There is a story of two rival merchants. Their stalls were opposite each other, and they would spend the day focused on the other’s business. All they wanted is to have more customers than the rival. One night an angel appeared to one merchant and said, “I will give you anything you want, but whatever it is, your competitor will receive twice. You can be very wealthy, but he will be twice as rich. If you wish to live a long and healthy life, his life will be twice as longer and healthier. What is your desire?” The merchant thought for a moment, and then said, “Strike me blind in one eye!

This is the destructive nature of jealousy. Do you spend more time focused on what God has done for others than praising Him for what he has done for you? Do you give thanks to God when He blesses your neighbour or do you resent it? If so we need to ask God to replace our jealous heart with a loving heart before it destroys us.

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