Today’s Reading: Judges 17:1-18:31

What happens to God’s people when they fail to honour Scripture as their standard for life? When they mix worldly ideas with godly ideas and develop their worldview to mix? What happens when they compromise the essence of godliness and only retain a form of godliness in its place? We end up with the twisted truth.

Micah means “Who is like Yahweh?” A mother who would give her son a name like that must have had some knowledge of the Lord. Here we see this strange mixture of God-talk/spirituality with compromise and no integrity. This is the problem and it is not uncommon today. It’s not enough to talk spiritual. It’s not enough to superficially consecrate to the Lord.

First, there is a real lack of respect for God’s word. She follows her emotions rather than God’s commandments. She thinks she is honouring the Lord by giving silver back to her son so he can make an idol. This is how confused she has become about the will of God. She thinks it will please God, even though the 10 Commandments forbid it.

Second, there is a lack of integrity. She says one thing, even in the name of the Lord and does another. In verse 3 she consecrated the 1100 shekels to the Lord, but in verse 4 she followed through with only 200. When it got down to it she decided to keep most of it for herself.

Third, she is empowering her son for the ministry that he is not called to do. They were supposed to be submitting to the God-ordained ministry in Shiloh. Instead she sets up her son with a shrine, a son that she seems able to manoeuvre and control.

This is a problem even for us today. It’s easy to see people with a fish symbol on their cars or a shiny cross around their neck, but wearing the symbols and talking the talk are useless, if we’re not going to walk the walk. We must stop mixing God’s commandment with our acceptable worldview! We need to know and live the way God wants us to live.

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