Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 1:1-53

Anna Russel wrote after a visit to the psychiatrist “But I am happy: Now I’ve learned the lesson this has taught. That everything I do, is someone else’s fault” Are you a prisoner or victim of the past? Today’s passage teaches us about rising above the past, especially a cruel, complex, and coloured past.

When King David was old and ill, Solomon, one of his youngest sons assumed the throne in a most unlikely manner. Why was Solomon able to better his past? How was he able to escape and overcome the past?

Firstly he freed himself from Past Consummation (16-21). Solomon did not live in a healthy family environment. Not only could he not count all the half-siblings he had, he could not keep track of the rivalry and the score between the rival palace families and children.

Solomon had a heavy baggage, but the condemnation and complexity and conflict of his parents’ generation did not faze him. The wisest man in history wisely put it in the past. It belonged to the previous generation and his misguided siblings. It had to end. The cycle and the circus and the calamity had to stop.

The upcoming king chose the next best thing: to move on. A person cannot ignore the past, but he can choose his future. The past has a lengthy reach and a long extension if you don’t cut its arms. It has a long memory if you don’t move on.

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