Today’s Reading: Hebrews 2:1-18 

Did you know that the Bible never expects us to be perfect in the sense of being flawless? The Bible is utterly realistic. Nowhere does it suggest that we can get through life without making mistakes. Nowhere does it teach that by some fluke somebody might get by with all his t’s crossed and his i’s dotted and her teeth straight and her hair in place. That’s not going to happen. The Bible doesn’t even suggest that it can. In fact, it runs in exactly the opposite direction. The Bible says, let’s see, is this it? A few have sinned and come short? Is that right? Or was that several have sinned? Quite a lot have sinned? Nearly everybody has sinned? No, you are quite right. All have sinned. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. All, without exception. There is no perfection of that kind.

But while the Bible never suggests that we can be flawless, it does tell us we can become perfect in another sense of the word. It does tell us we can become mature. Perfection means becoming what God designed us to be. Becoming all that we can be under God. The Bible even tells us that we can be made into something glorious and wonderful.

When the Bible speaks of perfection, it means fulfilling God’s purposes. It means being mature, grown up, developed. Perfection means doing what God designed us to do, not what somebody else is or does, but what you and I individually are designed to be.

The writer of Hebrews warns us in very straightforward language about drifting into the disaster of denial: “We must pay greater attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it. … how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?”

For us to assume that we do not need to find out what God wants each of us to do would be disastrous neglect. For us to think that just because others around us are also failed and flawed, we don’t have any work to do, that would be a drift toward disaster. For us to adopt anybody else’s standard of behaviour – whether co-workers or classmates or friend on the street or whoever it is – for us to adopt anybody else’s pattern of life, just because everybody is more or less a mess and so what’s the difference – that is to drift into denial and neglect the prize that God has placed in front of us. God wants to bring each of us to glory. To glory, maturity and perfection. God wants to use us to do exactly what each of us was designed to do.

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