Today’s Reading: 2 Chronicles 32:1-33:13 (additional reading: Psalm 25:16-22 and Proverbs 20:16-18)

Life is full of struggles, difficulties, and problems. Some are bigger than others. But whether the Christian’s trials in life are of the garden variety or more along the lines of a major tragedy, there is but one thing that will overcome them; faith in God.

We must also keep in mind that our enemy, Satan, is always seeking opportunities to defeat us. We must never forget that there is a spiritual battle going on. The enemy seeks to destroy us with our trials, while God seeks to develop us with them. The child of God cannot avoid trials. They can however, face those trials in faith toward God, and thwart Satan’s plan to defeat them.

Hezekiah, King of Judah, rather than letting the enemy put him in fear and frustration, chose to face his dilemma by faith in God. The problem Hezekiah and Judah faced was so enormous that only God could deliver them. And that is where faith comes in. When the problems are bigger than our ability to handle them, that makes us just rely on God.

Notice that in our reading today for the first time in many years, Hezekiah and the people celebrated the “Passover” again. Hezekiah had the idols and altars in Judah destroyed. In other words, when the people got right with God; when a godly king got on the throne; when revival came to Judah; then, Sennacherib invaded. We are accustomed to thinking that when bad things come our way, it must be because we are doing something wrong, or we are out of God’s will, or we are being punished. God sometimes works that way, but sometimes the difficulties come and the hard times come, simply because we are doing what God has called us to do in the first place and the Devil is giving us grief.

We read that Hezekiah was determined not to give the enemy any unnecessary advantages. That’s why he stopped the waters outside the city. We too need to be careful not to give our enemy, Satan, any unnecessary advantages over us (2 cor 2:10).

Hezekiah wanted to get his people thinking along the lines of faith toward God before the real trouble came. To this point, they had only received threats. Hezekiah comforted his people with the fact that the only thing upon which the king of Assyria could rely was on human strength. But Judah relied on their heavenly Sovereign.

If we can learn this lesson in our Christian’s life our lives will never be the same. God can be totally, 100% trusted.


How do you face trials?
How can trouble strengthen your faith?


Father, Thank You that You are with us in each and every trial. Help us to keep our faith in You and not in the threats of the enemy. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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