Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 10:1-11:15 

“Rome is not built in a day.” We all know it, but we don’t often live like it. Unknown to us, we have caught a modern disease known as “hurry sickness,” but babies will cry, boys will be boys, and teens are not adults. Even adults have lots of room to grow.

After Saul’s public coronation, he returned immediately to Gibeah – back to farming and tending livestock. Business was as usual after the highly publicized event of his selection. His job was unfashionable, his critics were merciless (1 Sam 10:27), and his supporters were dumbfounded.

Saul was not in a hurry to fulfill his destiny or people’s expectations. His destiny was Gilgal, but he was still in Gibeah. Samuel predicted greatness for him, but greatness had to wait; the old unfashionable job of farming could not.

Saul was not in a rush to assume the leadership and ruler of the nation. At this point, he was not even the head of his family or a leader in his clan (1 Sam 9:21). Further, meeting, eating, and socializing with officials (1 Sam 9:22) were not his cup of tea. Maturing is not an overnight process. It takes time, patience, and space. People crawl before they can walk, and they walk before they can run.

Patience is a virtue. As a servant of God we must care more for God’s things than our own feelings. Depending on the Lord, His power and His timing is paramount. Don’t take your accomplishments and others’ criticism too personally or take things into your own hand. You cannot be who you are not. Act on what you believe. Say what is true. Do things for the greater good and not for the resulting glory.

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