Today’s Reading: John 4:43-54 

In the Scripture today, we meet a Roman official who walked from his home in Capernaum to Cana. At this point he had reached the end of his rope; his son was about to die. He had probably tried everything imaginable up to this point to try to restore his son but to no avail, nothing seemed to work. He had almost given up hope when he heard of Jesus being nearby. He was roughly twenty miles away from this man’s home. He had heard of the many miracles that Jesus had performed so he resolves in his heart seek him out and implore him of his help. This is the first hint of any true faith in God abiding in this man’s heart. He resolved that he must get to Jesus.

When he found Jesus, he begged him to come and heal his son. Jesus told him to leave for home and he would find his son well. He did exactly what Jesus said, and before he arrived at his home, his servants met him on the way with the news that his son was alive and well. As a result of the miracle, the official and all those in his home placed their complete faith in Jesus.

He was a nobleman, but he humbled himself and came to Jesus. There are many people who do not come to Jesus because they have to humble themselves to come. They have to admit that they cannot do it by themselves. They have to admit that they have a need and that is hard for some people. If they could come to Jesus while standing tall and proud they would come, but when they have to come with head bowed they will not do it.

When this man came to Jesus. He walked 20 miles from his home in Capernaum to Canas. As I read this passage, I began to wonder how many sick people there were all around Jesus that day. How many people who knew Jesus was in the area had sick family members? Remember that Cana is where Jesus performed his first miracle. People should have remembered him as a miracle worker, but we don’t read that anyone came with their need except this one man. And the man was not from the area; he lived a long distance away. And neither was he a Jew. He was not of their faith (He was a Roman), but he came to Jesus.

It is no different today. Jesus is here, ready and waiting but are you willing to come to Him?

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