Today’s Reading: 1 Chronicles 28:1-29:30 

How to respond when God says “No”? David is up in years. His hearts desire to build God an house. It seemed a wonderful holy request, but God said, “No.” How you respond when God says “No” reveals your true spirituality. Using David as our primary example, let me suggest four right ways in which to respond when God says “No.”

1. Praise him for all the times that he has said “Yes.” David was a king. He lived in a grand palace and was surrounded by a loving family. God had brought him from the days of being a shepherd boy into being the greatest man on the planet. Life was good! Before you get angry with God for telling you, “No,” remember all of the great blessings He has given you!

2. Pray and ask him for wisdom on why he said, “No.” Why did God say “No?” It was not as if David was asking some illicit request. What a great desire, “To build God an house.” And yet God said “No.” Why? Let us remember that God is infinitely wiser than we are. We need to begin with that. God is not simply up in Heaven wanting to makes our lives less happy. He wants what is best for the kingdom.

3. Know that when God says, “No.” He means “No.” David did not try to go around God’s directive. He did not ask God for a second opinion. God had said, “No.” And that was that.

4. Help someone else to achieve the desires of their heart. Now here is a beautiful picture. Continue to read the rest of this chapter. See David as the old king with his teenage son, Solomon. David gets out the blue print for the Temple. He told Solomon that God had revealed to him the pattern for the building on the Temple. In your mind’s eye, envision this Father and Son team leaning over a desk and studying the pattern of the Temple together. David did not quit his ambition. He still wanted to build a Temple for God. God had told him “No.” Instead of pouting and quitting, he made every effort help someone else achieve this desire.

How do you respond when God says, “No?”

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