Last week we were at Hope 10 with Holland Road Baptist church, Hove, near Brighton. The idea of Hope is to touch the community in which we live with the love of Jesus. It’s really all about being his hands and feet in our community.

The goal was to reach 2,010 hours for Hope 2010, but we far surpassed that reaching 2,457. I spend most of the week leading a team and painting a community centre in a Park. It was really a lot of work, but the transformation was really amazing too.

In the evenings we held different events, Tuesday evening was a fun evening with BBQ, bouncy castle, games, cakes, Brazilian style football skills and more. Wednesday evening we had free to spend with our hosts and then on Thursday we joined ‘the Hive’ which is the teenage group from Holland Road.

On Friday the Merthyr team left to return home, I finished painting the community centre and then went for a walk on the beach.

Saturday, we were at a school moving old classrooms into the newly built section of the school. This was a great day working with people from Holland rd and getting to know them better.

Sunday, we had a community thanks-giving service with a baptismal service. It was really touching to hear the testimonies of the people getting baptised. It is amazing to see how God has been working in peoples lives from many different backgrounds.

The week was a real blessing and I am so grateful for the blessing of partnership with Holland Rd and then relationship with built over the past years.

more photos to be added soon – also check out the HRBC website

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