1. God may answer your prayer QUICKLY

Jesus used the word “quickly” in verse 8 to describe how God answers prayer. The word “quickly” is a relative term. If someone was injured, I would say, “Call 911 quickly!” But if a couple gets married only four months after they first met, I might say, “They sure got married quickly!” The word Jesus used means “suddenly.” Your prayers may seem to be unanswered for months, and then BOOM! God gives the answer.

I heard about a lady who was rushing to the mall to buy something. It was pouring rain and she didn’t have an umbrella. As she drove into the parking lot she said, “Please, please, Lord let me find a good parking place near the front door.” Just as she said those words she saw the back-up lights of a car as it backed out the best parking space in the entire lot. She said, “Never mind, Lord, I’ve found one myself!” What a joke! God answered her prayer so quickly she didn’t even have time to understand it was God at work.

2. God may answer your prayer LATER

My next statement may confuse you so read it carefully. God always answers prayer immediately, but sometimes it is later. When your prayer is heard in heaven, God acts on the request immediately, but it may take awhile before you get His answer. An example of this can be found in Daniel 10. Daniel prayed and the angel

Gabriel was dispatched to give Daniel his answer. Gabriel reported Daniel’s prayer had been heard and answered immediately, but the Prince of Persia (a demonic spirit) resisted Gabriel in delivering God’s answer. The archangel Michael had to fight against the Prince of Persia so Daniel could get his answer. During the delay, Daniel hadn’t stopped praying. So if it seems God hasn’t answered your prayer yet, don’t quit! The answer could be just around the corner. God’s delays are not God’s denials. Our sense of timing is flawed, but God’s timing is impeccable. So pray persistently, and then wait patiently for His answer.

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