Do you have something you need to hear from God? Are you searching to know God’s will over an area of your life? It is not just young people who long to know what God’s purpose is for their future. But many Christians of all ages are asking the same questions. Throughout our lives all of us constantly have to make decisions which involve guidance.

  • Should we move house or job?
  • Should we stay at our rather stagnant church or move to a warmer church?
  • What professional calling should we follow?
  • Do we marry and start a family?
  • Should we travel overseas for missions?
  • Should they enter ‘full-time’ ministry?
  • What should be our balance between ministry and family?

Whatever our situations all of us will constantly face decisions of different sorts in which we as Christians need to know the will of God for us? At the time, each issue seems tremendously important and we earnestly try to hear the voice of God. And it is true that often apparently small decisions can actually affect the whole course of our lives.

Look at what God promises you in Psalm 32:8, He says “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will counsel you and watch over you.”

Wherever you are in you walk with God, I hope that over the next few days as we look at guidance, you will learn that God wants to guide you! It is my prayer that as you read these devotionals will come away with a deeper sense of assurance and calling in whatever situations you might be in. I don’t know each of you individually, but God does and He loves and cares for each on of us.

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