Often when people say “I am seeking God’s will for my life” they refer to God’s specific will, whether to marry a certain individual, or to take a job offer, or to go on a mission trip. But the Bible usually refers to God’s will in a more general sense, as that which we all should do with our lives.

Therefore if we take Scripture seriously, we can know so much what God’s will is for us and this will radically change our lives. So often we spend so long looking for a specific answer we are missing the big picture of God’s plan for us. We can see in the Bible that it’s God’s will for us to worship Him, praise His name, give thanks for His gifts, pray for His help, love God and our neighbours and our enemies, feed the poor, seek justice for the oppressed, invite the homeless into our homes, be faithful to our spouses, tell others about Jesus, gather with other Christians on a regular basis for fellowship, and so on and so on.

I realize that may not satisfy the person who is asking: “But is it God’s will for me to do this particular thing?” you may say I know the clear call to love my neighbour, for example, doesn’t tall me exactly how to do this, or exactly which neighbours of the hundreds in my life deserve the bulk of my time and attention. But I do in fact believe that sometimes we receive more specific guidance through Scripture.

The Holy Spirit can also give quite specific direction as we encounter the text of the Scripture, taking that which is true for all Christians and applying it to our particular lives and situations. This sort of thing happens all the time in personal Bible study, and in group studies, and when God’s Word is preached.

As our minds are made new through the work of the Spirit, we will be better equipped to determine God’s will for our lives. Notice that this transformation is an ongoing process, something Paul accentuates with his choice of Greek verb forms: “keep on being transformed.” Such transformation begins in conversion and continues throughout our lives. The Bible is one of the chief tools employed by the Spirit in this work of mental remodelling. The more we internalize God’s Word, the more we will be able to determine God’s will because our powers of discernment will be formed and energized by the Holy Spirit.

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