In 1 Kings 19 we have the story of Elijah escaping from Jezebel. There are loads which we can learn from this situation and I have a study on it, under the study section of my website. But today I just want to highlight a few things in regards to guidance.

So often we don’t notice that God is guiding us, because we are ignoring him, waiting for some big miracle.

Elijah was one of the most power prophets in all of scripture, when he prayed, rain fell from the skies. When he prayed fire fell he had such a relationship with God, that through his prayer life he could change nature and the effect of nature. He also effected the whole economy of a nation through his prayer life. But when Jezebel put a death warrant on him, he want for his life, first wanting to die and then desperate to hear from God.

He runs away to a cave and then after a while he steps out of the cave and all of the sudden scripture says that God passed by. Then came a whirlwind, a tornado, a might wind blew, but the Bible says ‘but God was not in the wind!’ and then intimidate after that, fire starts to fall, and part of the mountain start to catch fire and burn. Elijah is standing there, amazed by what he is seeing with his own eyes, but the Bible says God was not in the fire.’ Then all the sudden a Earthquake hits and the whole mountain starts to shake, until the rocks start to fall down the mountain but the bible says ‘that God was not in the Earthquake’.

Now that is not to say the God was never in these things, he was in wind ‘If you don’t believe me, ask the 120 in the upper room, he came in a mighty rushing wind. There was a time when he was in the fire, ask the three Hebrew friends as their were in the firery furnace, then was a time when in the earthquake, ask Paul and Silas when they were locked up in the Jail and God sent a earthquake, broke the chains and opened the doors.

But now God isn’t in the earthquake, he isn’t in the fire or the mighty wind, but he shows back up, the Bible says that after he saw these amazing, spectacular, unbelievable things, he turned back around and went right back into the cave and caved in again.

The Bible says, after the fire there was a still, small voice’ and gentle whisper one translation says. The power of a whisper from God! It can change everything in your life. The one word from God, that one quiet whisper is more powerful the all the forces of nature. He got one voice, one whisper, nothing dynamic, simply ‘Elijah, it’s over, come out of the cave.’

God may not speak to us in the ways we expect, but even one simple whisper from him will change the whole way we live.

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