Before we move on to the more specific ways in which God leads us. I would like just one more time as we have seen the over the last two day to reaffirm that the Bible has a unique place as the supreme revelations of God and his will and that all others forms of guidance yield to authority of Scripture.

How then does God make his will known to us on particular issues?

Today we will start by looking at ‘the mind of Christ’. I really love this verse from Philippians 2:13 which says ‘God is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure’. There are four stages we see in the verse

  1. God works in us
  2. We want that which pleases Him.
  3. We then do the work He wants.
  4. He gets the pleasure from it.

Notice it all starts with God working in us and shaping our wills so that we long to please Him. We begin to desire what he desires, to like that which he likes. It is no longer a struggle between our selfish, proud aims and the gracious promptings of the Spirit because our mind and will becomes attuned to what God wants.

With this is mind the question ‘what do I really want to do?’ can be very useful when it comes to guidance. If your answer is selfish and materialistic, then I challenge you to get right with God and this again is where the Bible comes in and allows us to measure our will. However if you clearly want to know the will of God for you, this question can be very helpful. For example if you have a desire to do outreach in North Africa, it could well be the Holy Spirit giving you this desire.

When our desires and the desires of God for our lives meet, we are if a great place to know His will. We can ask him to confirm these desires through his peace and to close the doors if it’s not his will. If we genuinely want to obey Him, God will not allow us to go astray.

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