When it comes to guidance, God is very gracious to us and treats us all in an individual manner. He does not stereotype the way in which He guides us, but instead suits His guidance to our individual situations, character and background. Over the next few days we will begin to look at a few examples of how God leads His people in Scripture starting with the prophets. As we observe the way in which God guided the prophets, it is very easy for us to see this ‘tailor-made’ guidance in practise. The call of Isaiah for example is in great contrast to that of Jeremiah.

God takes the highly gifted and self-confident Isaiah into the very impressive temple building. Give him a vision of the Lord himself in majesty and he observes burning seraphim flying around calling out ‘Holy, Holy, Holy!’ (Isaiah 6:1). If this was not enough, God then makes the whole building shake from top to bottom. Any pride and self-sufficiency which Isaiah might have had was surely destroyed by these events. It led him to say ‘Woe is me! .. I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips..’ and that God walks with those whose hearts are ‘contrite and humble (Isaiah 57:15)

Unlike Isaiah, Jeremiah was lacking in self confidence. He has the awareness that everyone was against him. An experience like Isaiah would not benefitted him, so instead God graciously guided him in a much gentler manner. God’s key word to Jeremiah was ‘I am with you and will rescue you.’ (e.g. Jeremiah 1:8, 19).

With Ezekiel, God’s word came in the form of strange visions. Again God is speaking in a way suited to our personality and character. Not everyone would appreciate the apocalyptic vision given but Ezekiel 1:28 tell us that he realized this ‘was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord’. This made him fall before the Lord and actual hear His voice.

God met with Amos while he was busy in his daily job as a shepherd (Amos 1:1 and 7:15 ). When we read Amos prophecies we see they are full of earthly agricultural imagery. Another example is Habakkuk who was spoken to in a visible form (Habakkuk 1:1).

So we can see from this that God suits his leading and calling to us as individuals. For this reason guidance is not always easy to describe. Therefore don’t expect or limit your guidance to come in the just like someone else. God will guide you in the best way for you.

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