We can also see God guiding his people using different methods in the New Testament. In the book of Acts God guides his people in a whole variety of ways. Sometime we see the apostles simply proceeded without direct guidance from God, example of this are Acts 20:3, 7, 13 and many other occasions were we read ‘he determined’ or ‘intending to’ etc.

Often we see that the apostles movements were determined by what was their normal practise. In Acts 17:2 we see Paul following in his teacher footsteps and starting in Thessalonica by going to the synagogue ‘as was the custom’.

We also see guidance coming through other people. In Acts 17:10 we read it was the brethren who sent Paul and Silas away to Beroea.

God also guided his people through circumstances. Through persecution the Christians were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria preaching God’s word (Acts 8:1). It could be that this hard time you are going through, is actually God guiding you into a better place. It was through the Jewish opposition and the gentiles openness (Acts 13:44-46) and knowledge of scripture (Acts 13:47) that Paul and Barnabas started to preach to the Gentiles.

But Acts we also see direct guidance of the Holy Spirit (Acts 13:2 and 16:6). We  also see an angel speaking in Acts 8:26 and 27:23). We see God speaking to people through visions, Peter in Acts 10, Paul in Acts 16:9 and to Ananias 9:10.

In the New Testament church we also see people with the specific calling to be a prophet. They played a vital part in giving God’s guidance. In Acts 13:1 it was the prophets and the teachers through the Holy Spirit who spoke to Paul and Barnabas and In Acts 21:10-14 we see the prophet Agabus foretelling Paul’s sufferings if Paul goes to Jerusalem. This is an interesting case, because Paul pays no attention and goes anyway, asserting that he is ready to die for Christ. Paul knows God has called his to Jerusalem, so goes anyway.

So hopefully over the last days we have seen clearly that God’s methods of guidance varies according to the situation and the person being guided. Whatever may be the methods of his guidance, we can rest in the confidence that He is the Good Shepherd.

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