Over the past days we have been considering together, ‘how does God guide us?’ For the last few days on the topic of guidance I want to look at what are some of the conditions for guidance’s. We know that God wants to guide us. We know that he wants to speak to us in a way which we can understand. So what can we do to keep his will our priority?

Prayer – It may really help you to spend a say in quiet, unhurried prayer and meditation in the presence of the Lord. One after the other the various sides of our lives can be mentioned before the Lord and then in the silence we can spend as long as we want on each subject. Could you imaging how spending time in unhurried prayer each day seeking God would change our days.

As we pray we can expect God to mould out thinking to fit the patterns of his will for us. As we saw early, the Christian mind is formed by the teaching of Scripture. As we pray and allow God, the mind of Christ and Scripture to shape our lives we will be much more alert to his guidance.

Humility – We should not think that God will only guide us if we fulfil certain preconditions. And yet it is also true that the Bible teaches some principles which may facilitate God’s guiding word being heard. King David points out in Psalm 25:9 that God ‘guides the humble in what is right, and teaches them his way’.

As we acknowledge our weakness and need of the Lord’s loving guidance, we shall be more likely to hear his word to us. The same Hebrew word for ‘humble’ is also used in Psalm 76:9 and Psalm 149:4 which declares that God gives his salvation to the meek. Humility is a basic precondition for salvation, guidance and a ministry of influence in the world.

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