Today’s Reading: Matthew 18:1-20 

Who would you say was the greatest person alive today? How does the world judge a man to be great? Who among us has not heard of Sir. Isaac Newton and his study of gravity? Aristotle the philosopher and scientist, Galileo and his studies of the stars and inventor of the telescope, Albert Einstein and his Theory of Relativity; Marie Curie and the study of Radium and X-Rays, Thomas Edison with his light bulb.

It has been said that inside each of us are the seeds of greatness. The problem is that for most of us, those seeds never produce a harvest. Too many people try to achieve greatness through subversion and deceit. While the world may call them great, in the eyes of God they are poor, naked, wretched and blind. They might walk with their heads held high in pride before the world, but one day they will bow their knee and their head before Almighty God in shame and disgrace. I don’t want that kind of greatness. I want that greatness that obtains the approval of my God.

The disciples wanted to be great in the eyes of God. Greatness in the eyes of God is not based on accomplishments that all men can see. Greatness is based on the condition of the heart and the submission of the will to God’s will. Greatness in the eyes of God can only be obtained if we humble ourselves as that little child to become trusting, loving and forgiving; and become a perfect servant like Jesus; only then can greatness begin to develop.


How would you define greatness?


Father, Thank You for Your love for us. We are reminded once again that You alone are truly great and nothing compares to You. Help us to live a humble life, serving You and others. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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