Today’s Reading: Romans 1:1-17 

If any man had room for boast the apostle Paul most certainly did. He could have boasted had he wanted for any number of reasons. Philippians 3:4 he states, “If anyone else thinks he has reason to boast, I have more.” He was circumcised on the eighth day. He was born into the right family, the tribe of Benjamin. He was very faithful to his religion, as religious as they come. He kept all of the rules. But he counted all of that as worthless.

The Apostle’s boast was not in anything but Christ. In Romans 1:16-17 Paul would proclaim this is the Believer’s Boast.

God want each of us to be messengers of his love. This is the command of evangelism stated in a personal way. Part of the job description of every believer is that once we have been born again, we become messengers of the Good News to others. The Great Commission  says “Go therefore, into all nations . . .” That means we must go.

We need a confidence in the truth of the Gospel and the message of the God’s redeeming love. The Gospel must then be every believer’s boast.

Paul was not ashamed of the gospel because is the dynamic power unto salvation. For nothing short of the very power of God can make anyone a Christian. Not one of us can claim that power alone. Our salvation is not our own. Paul was not ashamed of the gospel because the gospel is the believer’s power.

The Apostle Paul understood that power. His words are words of experience. He had met Jesus. He had experienced the power of God. In one mighty encounter with the son of God Paul had every one of his previous boasts immediately stripped away. For Paul, the gospel was his boast because of his own personal experience with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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