Today’s Reading: Acts 15:1-35 

Often we get caught up with the idea “OUR CHURCH” has to be the best or look the best or have the prettiest windows and seats. In scripture we see many places of worship.

Solomon’s House was great. In 1 Kings 6:17 we find here that God’s house that Solomon built was absolutely the most fantastic wonder of that time and even in our day would be considered an architectural phenomena. Not to mention that it would be priceless.

Moses’ House was great. What we have to realize here is although Moses’ temple was a tent it was more than a tent it was an awesome display of beauty and craftsmanship.

Yet God Acts 15 declared “… I will return and build again the Tabernacle of David…” So why do you think that is? God is not looking for a building that get the Glory. God is not looking for a man that will get awarded great awards for building an awesome building.

God had a favourite house and that house was the one David built. However the most powerful component of David’s tabernacle began long before the actual tent was constructed. It began in the heart of David. It began in the fields where he watched over his sheep. When David would sit with God and write songs about his love for God. When David would look to God for strength and thank Him when it came. God has a favourite House and that favourite house is in the heart of worship.

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