Listen to Devotion
Key Verse: My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever. – Psalms 73:26

A father watched his young child struggling to lift a heavy rock from his sandbox. He could move it a little so that it wobbled, but he didn’t have enough power in himself to get it over the edge onto the grass. After a while, the child gave up, and his father asked him if he’d used all the strength that was available to him. The child replied with an overwhelming ‘yes,’ but the father reminded him that he hadn’t because he only had to ask for help, and the rock would have been moved quickly. The child had ignored the strength available to him through his father.

Much in the same way as the child in this illustration tried to achieve his goal in his own strength; we often forget that we need not struggle with problems in life when there is a heavenly Father ready and willing to help us. Jesus himself speaks to us in Matthew 7 and tells us that we simply need to ‘ask’ because ‘everyone who asks receives.’ If you ask God for bread will he give you a rock, or for a fish and he gives you a snake? No, only good gifts can come from above.

But what prevents us from asking for help? It may be a matter of pride, or trusting in ourselves to accomplish what is necessary, but to be truly strong in our spirit we need to recognize our human weaknesses. God is our strength because he can do the things that we cannot. It is his power that works through us both physically and mentally, and the words of Psalm 46 are very comforting for those seeking his strength for their trials- he is ‘a very present help in trouble.

Let us remember Samson. He was not strong by himself, yet he received all the strength he needed to accomplish his physical tasks by obedience and trust in God. We can also count on God. He is the real source of power to strengthen us in every situation we may face.

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