Listen to Devotion

Key Verse: “So we can say with confidence, “The LORD is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?”” Hebrews 13:6 (NLT)

Millions of people around the world are in need of help in some form or another. It could be advice with a situation at work, trouble with school, financial difficulties or concerns at home. However, to put those issues in perspective, it could be an even more severe problem such as a lack of daily food, clean drinking water or maybe a terminal disease diagnosis.

We need to remember that even with all the beauty of creation around us, this is still a fallen world with many difficulties that arise every day on a personal and global level. At times these issues can overwhelm us and make us feel like we have nowhere to turn. To be honest, with humanity, this is valid to a large extent. We are limited beings and even with the best intentions in the world, we can only offer so much help to others regardless of how much we love them.

It is in these moments, we need to remember the words of Psalm 54:4, God is our helper.

  • When we are sad and lonely, God is our helper.
  • When we don’t know which way to turn in life, and it seems like all of our own efforts lead to a dead end, God is our helper.
  • When we don’t  have the energy to face the day, God is our helper.
  • When our children are running riot, God is our helper.
  • When people rise against us, we need to believe the words of Hebrews 13:6 and state boldly, “The LORD is my helper; I will not fear.”

Our loving Father will never turn His ears away from His children who are crying out to Him (Isaiah 59:1-3). He listens, and He cares more than we know. Psalm 124:8 reminds us, “Our help is from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.” Surely nothing is too hard for the Lord.


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