“Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them …” – Romans 12:6

In the church today there are two common excuses why people aren’t being generous with their talents. The first is that they don’t have the skills necessary to be helpful. I can’t teach. I can’t sing. I can’t play an instrument. I can’t do missionary work. I don’t know how to work on computers. I don’t have a lot of money to give to the church and the list goes on and on and on.

The problem for many disciples is they have become more focused on the perceived value of their talent than on what they can do with that talent. There are many in church who don’t do things for God because of fear they’ll make a mistake and God will be mad at them. Sadly, people think they don’t have much to offer God because they can’t do the big talent things. However, the parable in Matthew 25 which we will look at more tomorrow, shows: God doesn’t care about what you couldn’t do. He cares about what you can do. The master didn’t expect each servant to come back with an extra five talents. Likewise God doesn’t expect us all to be great Sunday school teachers or musicians. The master simply expected them to invest what he had given to them. This parable is essentially telling us: Don’t just sit there doing nothing, do something! Find something that God has given you the talent to do and invest in it. Be generous in developing it and blessing others with it.

Others have the opposite problem. There are Christians who end up not doing anything for God because doing anything less than the most prominent of tasks is beneath them. These are people who see that the toilets need cleaning, but wait for someone else to do it. They aren’t into doing menial work. Any gift that’s left unopened or that is disregarded is useless. God gives us spiritual gifts as the primary way for Him to use us to bless others. Each of us should watch for opportunities to be generous in ministering to others and using our talents as a blessing and an encouragement.

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