Another area where we need to show generosity is in the area of forgiveness. There are people everywhere who are eager for and in need of forgiveness. As disciples, who have experienced God’s grace, we remain forever thankful for His generosity in forgiving us. Yet we must also desire to extend this generosity in forgiveness to others.

Forgiveness is essential to maintain close relationships with our family, friends and just about anyone else we will ever meet. We all need forgiveness and to grant forgiveness, because we all mess up far to often. Truth is however, asking for and granting forgiveness are not often an easy tasks! It’s not an easy subject to practice, especially on the emotional level. The deeper you have been hurt, the more difficult it is truly to forgive.

Jesus taught his disciples in Matthew 6:12 to pray ‘forgive us our sin as we forgive those who sin against us.” Many of us pray these words often without ever really thinking about what we are saying. Everett Fullam paraphrases this verse making it even more striking, “Father forgive my sins only to the extent I am willing to forgive those who have sinned against me.”

Forgiveness, no matter how difficult, is God’s way, and it must be our way, too.

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