Below is update of what has been happening in Merthyr during the past week. We have a truly great and blessed week. It has been such a priveldge to have our friends here from America.

The following is written by Cherri Cotton, part of the team from Atlanta:

In the first three days DeanO, Mrs. U, and I have been in 6 junior schools presenting the gospel through the story of Mary Jones.  If you don’t know her story, ask when we get home – we’d love to share it!  We have also had the opportunity to share in small groups in class rooms, with time for questions from the children.  And some interesting questions we’ve had!  Along with the standard “Are those your real feet in those shoes?” and other clown questions, the children have asked some more interesting ones.  Being asked “Why are you a clown?”  gives a great opportunity to share that the reason is that it is the best way for some people to be able to share with others that Jesus loves them!  Over 20 programs so far!  And we are just half way through the first week!  God’s spirit is moving in Wales and we are so privileged to be here to experience it.

Sharon has been working in the Senior schools and the first day alone, her sharing had not only students, but teachers as well in tears as she shared the gospel through the life story of Dr. Martin Luther King.  It has been amazing.

There have been opportunities as well for some of us to minister side by side with our local brothers and sisters here in Merthyr.  Our prayer request tonight is especially for them.  As the mission has begun in earnest, Satan is on the attack.  We’re praying for strength, the opportunity to focus on the gospel and the peace that only God can give.

God has given us an incredible first week of ministry with our friends here in Merthyr.  DeanO, Mrs. Uppington and I have had the privilege  of presenting  the gospel in 10 assemblies, 24 small class room settings, one evening kid’s club, one senior citizen assited living facility and at a family  community event presented by Elim church in Dowlais where over 250 people attended!  Sharon has nearly received celebrity status among the senior students  and staff as she has shared the gospel through classroom lectures in the senior schools.  Talk about multiplying a ministry!  God has been present and it so clear that He is at work here in Wales.  When I think back to the stories the first team brought home 9 years ago of closed church doors, a sad people, and churches  who stayed within their own four walls,  I am amazed at all that God has done.

As we prepare to finish our work in the Merthyr schools tomorrow and head off to meet up with the rest of the New Hope team arriving in Pontypridd, we do have a couple prayer requests.  First, that all will arrive safely and ready for another incredible week of seeing God at work in Wales.  We would also ask that you pray for us.  35+ programs in just 5 days for the clowns and nearly 20 meetings for Sharon have been tiring, and we all know we need a fresh blessing for the coming days of ministry.

God is allowing us once again to plant the seeds of His gospel in so many young lives.  It is such a humbling experience.  And we know without His guidance, His strength and His Spirit there is nothing we can accomplish.  Thank you again for your prayers.

Joyfully serving Him,

Cheri, Dean, Jackie and Sharon

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