Today’s Reading: 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:7

God wants the conviction we feel in our hearts to produce a change in our actions. He doesn’t put conviction there just to let you know that you have done wrong, but that it might bring change.

The question we now face is what are you going to do about your guilt? Feeling guilty about our sins does absolutely no good unless it motivates you to change your heart! God wants to change our hearts so that we can experience true freedom and all the blessings that are held back because of sin.

It is time to reflect upon the condition of our personal and corporate relationship with God. There are three basic truths in our text today that will help us understand that God wants the conviction we feel in our hearts to produce a change in our actions.

1)GUILT IS A MEANS TO AN END AND NOT AN END IN ITSELF (v. 9) – Paul  rejoiced, not because his letters to the Corinthian church made them feel bad, but because the letters forced them to deal with the issues they faced on a personal level as well as on a church level.

There is a difference between “godly” sorrow, and “worldly” sorrow – “worldly” says, “I am sorry that I got caught!” – “godly” says, “now that God has helped me see these sins, I must do something about them?”

God doesn’t just want to make us feel guilty about our personal sins, he wants us to deal with them! He doesn’t just say, “I think I’ll let you squirm for a little while, then I’ll let you off the hook!” God comes to us and says, “What are you going to do about this sin? Do you realize that it is affecting our relationship with each other.”

Are there issues that God wants you to deal with today?

2) REPENTANCE IS THE ONLY TRUE REACTION TO GUILT (v. 9) Paul not only rejoiced because the Corinthians finally came around and dealt with their sins, but that they followed through with a genuine repentance. The word used here for repentance however, means: A change of mind, a change of heart, a change of attitude…I’m sorry and I am going to do something about it! I am going to change with God’s help!

3). VISIBLE CHANGE IS THE EVIDENCE OF REPENTANCE (v. 11)  Paul not only rejoiced because they followed through with genuine repentance, but that there was visible change to prove their repentance. Sorrow produces repentance and repentance produces a changed life. Please don’t remain apathetic (unresponsive) about your spiritual condition. Do something about it now.

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