Entertaining the family doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and showing your children they don’t always have to be spending out money on entertainment is a great way to set them up for the future. Especially when they go away to university or college.

There are numerous ways for the family to have fun, be together and spend little if any money. Be resourceful, creative, keep an open mind and a fun heart. After all, there are few things more special than laughing with your family and laughs are free. Here are seven ideas to get you started.

1. Celebrate a holiday.


Check the calendar and online for many unusual holidays on which to peg your celebration. For instance, there’s is national eat ice-cream for breakfast day. You can have a competition to make breakfast ice-creams, mixing breakfast cereal with ice cream.

For world book day, you could take your family to the library and take part in a special event or have a fancy dress party and get the whole family to dress up as a character from a book.

 2. Spring Cleaning


Even the least enjoyable jobs can be made enjoyable. Clean out the kitchen cupboards and make it fun by putting together all those newly discovered foods hiding on the back shelves together for some unusual but delightful dishes.

Have a contest with each family member creating an original recipe from left overs. Continue the theme by cleaning out a closet, garage or attic and designate items for a yard sale. Earmark the money earned for a family day out and you’ll get more cooperation.

3. Go for a picnic.


Everyone loves going for a picnic and it is much cheaper than buying food out. Having a picnic during the summer months can be entertaining and a blast for the entire family.  helps the family to get together and eat some delicious food and play fun games. It doesn’t take more than a picnic basket, a few food items, and help from your family to organize your very own. If you want some new ideas for picnic food, there are plenty online for free.

4. Fly a kite.


Some of your fondest memories of growing up may be when your parents or dad helped you build and fly a kite. I can remember making some from black refuge bags and branches. You can buy all kinds of kite designs if you want or get kite kits and make them yourself. Materials are inexpensive and construction can be simple.

5. Take a trip to a pick your own farm.


The entire family can pick various fruits and vegetables, then purchase and eat them. Because you picked them yourself, the prices are very reasonable and they taste better too. Check your newspaper for the nearest farm to you and remember this is a seasonal activity.

6. Visit a botanical garden or park.


Most of these are free and is a beautiful place to just stroll and visit with your family. Sometimes lectures or festivals are being held at the gardens. Take your camera and get some memorable shots of your family among the flowers and trees.

7. Spend the night outside.


This could be in your back yard or in a camp site. Sit quietly by a campfire and try to identify sounds of the night. It could be a part night or an all night affair.

Frugal nights and days with your family can be some of the best. You’re together but not worried about the money being spent.

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