It is natural, of course, for us to want to learn “secrets of success” when it comes to prayer. However, the power of prayer is found not in the assertive faith that seeks to require God to do whatever we may desire; but true spiritual power is in the aggressive faith which contends for (1) the will of God to be done (2) as revealed in the Scriptures. In order for this “holy aggression” to be released in a manner that does not become self-serving, it’s crucial we become believers who are fully committed to the agenda of God’s Kingdom alone—to His will and His rule. As that commitment becomes true of us, then the promise of Matthew 6:33 becomes truly available to us: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

The word Seek here is  Zeteo. (Strong’s #2212;  zee-teh-oh). In its good sense, this word means to seek—as in to worship—after God with all one’s heart. In ancient times when the word was used with a negative connotation, it had the meaning of plotting or scheming. But when the believer seeks after God with the whole heart, strategizing for and welcoming God’s Kingdom as an immediate reality—that’s when the Lord can “add all these things” which have been desired from the depths of our hearts.

Peter called for a casting of every care upon the Lord (1 Peter 5:7).The basis for this act of prayer is founded in the knowledge of the Lord’s love. That’s the starting place—the foundation for praying in faith. When Peter talks about casting this word has to do with throwing or hurling, a graphic picture of tossing. Casting should not be thought of as a laying down of a care, but more the throwing away of a care.

Jesus knew the difficulty we would experience in seeking to rest in faith, believing that God cares about our needs. (Matthew 7:7–11 and Luke 11:9–13). The enemy of our prayer life will often suggest that we will not get what we’re asking for. You will hear his whisper, “you’ll not get your needs met, something bad will happen—and you deserve it!” But as you allow the truth of God’s Word to shape your thinking, you will find yourself receiving Jesus’ words; resting while believing that your loving Father will not answer your prayers with a rock, a snake, or a scorpion. Faith will rise in the confidence that God your Father—who has revealed Himself in the person of His Son Jesus Christ—will give only good things to His children; only blessing, not cursing, to those who pray to Him in faith.

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