Today’s Reading: Colossians 3:18-4:18 

During the rehearsal for her wedding a nervous bride was having a difficult time remembering all the details. Her kind pastor took her aside at the end of the night and said, “When you enter the church tomorrow, you will be walking down the same aisle you’ve walked down many times before. Concentrate on the aisle. And when you get halfway down the aisle, concentrate on the altar. And, when you reach the end of the aisle, your groom will be waiting for you. Concentrate on him. Focus on the aisle, then look at the altar, and finally, lock eyes with your man. That’s all you have to do.”

That seemed to help a lot, and on the day of the wedding, the beautiful but nervous bride walked flawlessly down the aisle. But people were a bit taken aback as they heard her repeating these words during the processional, “Aisle, alter, him. Aisle, alter, him. I’ll alter him.”

Our faith must come home with us. The true test of our relationship with Christ is how we relate to others. Or to say it another way, the home is the first place we test our newness in Christ as “God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved.”

Paul shows that faith must be lived out in the family. Jesus is referred to as “Lord” or “Master” seven times in these verses because His lordship finds conclusive expression in the day-by-day, routine relationships of life.

Everyone is equal in Christ regardless of status. Having said that, individuals have a role to play in the family. We’re all disciples of Christ with different responsibilities in our discipleship.

Everything we do in marriage, in the family, and in the workplace must be done in recognition that we have a Master over us. As such our attitude should always be to please Him, whether through submitting or loving, obeying or encouraging, working or supervising. Our master will reward us for our service to Him. We come back to the Colossian question: Is Jesus supreme in your life? If He is, then He will alter you ­ if you allow Him to.

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