Today’s ReadingJudges 1:1-2:9

We are going to spend the next week or so in the book of Judges. The book of Judges covers the period from 1380 BC to 1050 BC. From the time of the death of Joshua and his elders, until the rise of King Saul. If you like excitement, there are some stories in the book of Judges that many here have never heard of (true of course), and let me tell you they are far from dull. This series will also lead to our next series called ‘kings and queens on the Bible’.

The principle theme of the book of Judges is “FAILURE THROUGH COMPROMISE” which is in direct contrast to the theme of Joshua which was, “VICTORY THROUGH FAITH”.

Joshua had died and now the Nation of Israel was seeking direction. Now they did go to the right place- God, but no one was seemingly stepping up as the leader. When a leader can’t be found, the people begin to take on habits and actions of those around them and that is what the Israelites had done.

We find a compromise in attitude. Israel was supposed to go in and destroy the enemy. They were to not leave any of the enemy alive. We see that they did go in and destroy the Canaanites and Perizzites at Bezek; but instead of just killing Adoni-Bezek they cut off his thumbs and big toes. This was an act to humiliate the enemy and it was something that many other nations did. Since when did God want His people to take on the actions of other nations?

As God’s children, we struggle with this temptation of compromising our attitudes. Compromise starts with the small things and then grows. Those small things grow bigger and bigger. This is the lesson we will learn through Judges. We need to stop compromising and becoming more like the world. We need instead to live more like Jesus.

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